1) To work with patients and communities and understand the health needs of people in South Durham so that we can work with the practices to design and deliver the right services for the future.


2) To make South Durham an outstanding place to train and work as a primary health care professional so that there are the skills and the capacity available to general practice to meet the needs of patients;


3) To provide services so that we can support general practice in meeting the needs of patients and so that we can generate resources to invest in programmes which support our objectives.


4) To promote and support shared good practice, collaborative working and shared services amongst our member practices so that they can make most effective use of resources and continuously improve their services.


5) To do business effectively so that we can best meet the needs of our members.


6) To give general practice in South Durham a strong voice in shaping the future of health services in the North East by being a credible partner and engaging with networks, formal and informal.


7) To seek and deliver additional resources to assist general practice to sustain and develop services and to support practices in difficulty in accordance with the wishes of our members